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Sapir Harosh


Sapir Harosh is currently a director on the board of Grip Security. Sapir joined TPV from Pitango, Israel’s largest venture capital fund with over $2.5 billion under management. During her time at the fund, Harosh was involved in 20+ investments in early-stage tech start-ups, overseeing 8 of them from sourcing to transaction. She also served as an observer in the boards of 7 companies, including Komodor, PayEm, Frontegg, Swimm, and companies that are still in stealth mode.

Harosh has an extensive network of relationships, skillfully used to locate teams in preliminary stages as potential companies for investment. This network includes colleagues from elite military units, start-ups, angel investors, accelerators, local and global venture capital funds, and start-up service providers. She works closely and regularly with the entrepreneurs and management teams of all companies, assisting them with client relations, talent recruitment, strategic thinking, product development, introductions to the world’s leading capital funds, etc.

Harosh began her career while serving in IDF's elite 8200 unit. In her last position there, she was the recipient of the Unit Commander’s Award of Excellence for her work. Following professional service in the IDF, she relocated to New York, where she served as a procurement manager in the Ministry of Defense’s Mission to the US for two years – while taking part in sensitive procurement processes between the two countries, valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Harosh has 5+ years of experience in software engineering with expertise in cloud tech and DevOps and, before joining the venture capital world, had worked as a software engineer at RAFAEL (Rafael Advanced Defense Systems) and start-ups. Harosh holds a B.Sc. in Software Engineering.

Harosh is the youngest board member of the 8200 Alumni Association, where she founded the Young Alumni Community. Since founding the community in 2015, she has overseen all operations, including providing opportunities, employment options, networking, and events to the 4,000 community members who, in return, give back by promoting entrepreneurship and technology in the Israeli society. Harosh has volunteered to establish the community, teaming up with 10 other alumni to oversee its affairs.

Harosh is also a board member of Wize, one of Israel's largest content providers, making science, technology, politics, culture, and other content worlds available to 100,000+ Israelis by providing a platform for speakers in over 2,000 venues throughout Israel.

In the past year, she has received recognition for her business and social efforts by being featured on Forbes 30 Under 30, a list of Israel’s 30 most influential people under 30 years old, published annually by Forbes Magazine.