Approach Hero

Delivering value across stage, sector, and strategy.

Partnering throughout lifecycle with the most innovative companies creating new products driven by new technologies .


Third Point brings deep technical expertise, a strong network of relationships, extensive go-to-market experience, financial markets sophistication, and decades of investing experience to add value to our partners throughout their journey from idea to IPO and beyond.

Multi-stage Investing

From early revenues expansion stage entry points, to growth and late-stage investing, we add value across all stages of the venture lifecycle.

Thematically driven sourcing and selection

We identify technology transitions that create market opportunities, drill down identified thematic segments, and pursue investments in companies with demonstrated traction, great teams, and sustainable technical moats.

Deep experience in multiple verticals intersecting enterprise digitization

We leverage our experience, relationships, and knowledge of AI/ML powered automation which is transforming, securing, and optimizing the new digital enterprise infrastructure. This is frequently expressed in software, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, fintech and related sectors.

Strong network of long-term relationships

Our connections in diverse markets, sectors, and geographies have been established globally over decades.