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Genvid Raises $113m In Series C Funding For New Publishing Subsidiary

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The leader in interactive livestreaming technologies and services will focus this funding on the establishment of Genvid Entertainment LLC.

This new publishing subsidiary will be dedicated to producing Massive Interactive Live Events, or MILEs, the next frontier in interactive entertainment. With the licensing of major IP, Genvid Entertainment will produce and publish MILEs later this year.

The funding comes on the heels of Rival Peak, a three-month Genvid-enabled show that appeared on Facebook and is widely considered to be the first true MILE. The wildly successful endeavor paved the way for many more MILEs to come.

“The success of Rival Peak has accelerated our plans and growth dramatically,” said Jacob Navok, CEO and co-founder of Genvid.

“They recognize the opportunity to build new entertainment experiences that merge lean-back entertainment (TV and livestreaming) with interactive entertainment (games) to both grow fan bases substantially and further monetize existing fans,” Navok continued.

Genvid is helping to put the “meta” in the Metaverse. The company is creating the most interactive technology available and is at the pioneering forefront of MILEs.

No longer relegated to the world of video games, interactive media is pervading all aspects of entertainment. This new kind of storytelling is being enthusiastically embraced by major IP holders, distributors, and audiences alike. Genvid is poised to lead the way.