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Ahana Raises $20M in Series A Funding

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Ahana, the San Mateo, CA-based company, is offering the only managed service for Presto on AWS, redefining open data lake analytics.

These days it’s becoming commonplace for companies to augment the traditional cloud data warehouse with cloud data lakes, which allows for much more data storage in many different formats. But analyzing it can be quite an obstacle.

“As we witness the evolution of modern analytics, we’re seeing a new stack emerge adjacent to the data warehouse. Companies need an open, flexible approach to access their data, and the data lake with Presto on top provides that,” says Third Point Ventures’ managing partner Robert Schwartz. “Ahana Cloud provides the foundation for this new stack, giving all platform teams the ability to easily use Presto on their data lake.”

“We’re excited to join the exceptional team at Ahana and assist them in their evolution from rapid, early adoption to substantial market prominence.” - Robert Schwartz, Third point

Presto, the open source project created by Facebook, is the de facto standard for fast SQL processing on data lakes and has seen massive growth recently.

“From day one Ahana has focused on delivering the easiest Presto managed service for open data lake analytics in the cloud, giving data platform teams the ability to provide high performance SQL analytics on their S3 data lakes,” said Steven Mih, Cofounder and CEO, Ahana.

As the market gains serious momentum, Ahana has positioned itself as the Presto company, making it the leader in the open data lake analytics space.