Oryx Vision

Smallest, Least Expensive, High Performance LiDAR technology

  • CEO: Rani Wellingstein
  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Milestones: TPV co-led Series B with WRV and Bessemer Ventures, in 2017, company shut down in 2019 and returned half of our investment after failing to hit technical milestones.
  • Third Point Partner: Robert Schwartz
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Developer of advanced innovative LiDAR technology, designed to be as simple as a digital camera with greater reliability and sensitivity than existing LiDAR, while also achieving a very low cost. Oryx’s LiDAR has no moving parts, and uses antennas in place of photodetectors to retrieve both range and velocity information for the points of light in its high-resolution scans of its surroundings. Oryx’s unique method means that the system is “a million times more sensitive” than existing LiDAR systems, and is also able to deal better with interference from sunlight, and from other LiDARs in operation on the road.