SoFi is a leader in marketplace lending and the largest provider of student loan refinancing, with over $3 billion dollars in loans issued.  The Company is transforming financial services for high achieving professionals with student loan refinancing, mortgages, mortgage refinancing, and personal loans.  Unlike traditional lenders, their proprietary underwriting approach takes into account merit and employment history to offer unique credit products members will not find elsewhere. They offer individual and institutional investors the ability to create positive social  impact on the communities they care about while earning compelling rates of return.

    As a parent, do you have fears of how responsible your child will be with money? What are your biggest fears for your children?

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    Budget smart this holiday season. 🌲

    Ready to mingle at the office holiday party? SoFi career expert Alexandra Dickinson shares how introverts can overcome their fear:

    @Nicole_Reineke_ We just wanted to briefly hop in here. Our rates are constantly changing with the market. If you haven't checked in a while it may be worth a look. The pre-qualification process starts with a soft credit pull. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

    Start now, start small in today's market. 📈

    #ICYMI Career counseling, student loan payment assistance, and member events. Learn how SoFi has helped over 800 companies offer student loan repayment assistance! ➡️

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    No more silent nights! SoFi invited parents-to-be to celebrate the holiday season with a fireside chat with SoFi Career and Financial Experts. 👶🍼 Cheers to getting your financial ducks in a row.

    Only 8% of parents feel debt is an important financial topic to talk to their kids about yet we have $1.5T in student loan debt. Will you plan on discussing debt with your kids?

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    SoFi Member Tanya's #PaidInFull story for @NerdWallet's How I Ditched Debt series:…

    Everyone could use a little extra income! Check out 9 ways to earn extra cash, passively.

    If your New Year's resolution is to get your finances in order, get a jumpstart with tips from SoFi CFP®, Alison Norris:

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    Supporting ambition through the holidays! 🎄…

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    Are you saving for retirement while paying student loans? How do you balance your budget? Find answers here 👉

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    Companies have starting including loan repayment as an employee benefit! Learn how SoFi has helped over 800 companies offer these perks! #StudentLoans

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