Dan Loeb Works With Nonprofit Organization Prep for Prep

09 Oct Dan Loeb Works With Nonprofit Organization Prep for Prep

Third Point CEO Dan Loeb is currently a Trustee of Prep for Prep, a nonprofit organization dedicated to exposing the best public school minority students to the best private schools. According to Daniel Loeb, the goals of Prep for Prep are to broaden horizons, identify and invest in potential and introduce talented kids into an environment where they are encouraged.

Dan Loeb is one of the biggest supporters of Prep for Prep, which has been grooming New York City’s brightest minority public school students for entry into top independent schools for more than 30 years.

“I got so much out of my education,” Dan Loeb said. “I want people who have merit but not the economic advantages to have the opportunities to succeed.”

Entry to the 14-month Prep for Prep program is based on a stringent nomination and evaluation process. The nonprofit organization prepares minority public school students for private school through an intensive curriculum in writing skills, math and laboratory science. The Prep for Prep program also focuses on the development of leadership skills.

According to Dan Loeb, the “real point [of Prep for Prep] is the viral nature of the program. [Alumni] come back to their communities and show what’s possible.”

Original Article By: Danielle Beurteaux
Source: Alpha Magazine