Dan Loeb Honored at Success Academy Charter Schools Inaugural Gala

09 Oct Dan Loeb Honored at Success Academy Charter Schools Inaugural Gala

Daniel Loeb of Third Point was the first honoree at the first-ever Success Academy Charter Schools Gala in NYC. Dan Loeb, along with some of New York’s most high-profile names in finance and politics, raised over $7 million to support the Success Academy Charter School program.

“Success [Academy Charter Schools] is a completely disruptive business model,” Dan Loeb said. “Not only does your money go to changing kids’ lives, but if we really succeed, we’ll set a higher bar for all schools to meet”.

Dan Loeb is a trustee of the Success Academy Network board. He and his wife, Margaret, have founded three Success charter schools in NYC. According to Daniel Loeb, his initial interest in Success Academy was sparked by a screening of the powerful documentary “Waiting for Superman”.

Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy, lauded Daniel Loeb for his “unique way of urgently pressing for big change, but always thinking about our kids and how to support them”.

Success Academy opened its first charter school in Harlem seven years ago. The fast-growing Success Academy Charter School program now has 23 schools in the NYC area, each located in unused spaces in public schools. Most of the money raised by the gala event will go toward startup costs of new charter schools.

Original Article By: Amanda Gordon
Source: Bloomberg Businessweek