Founded by ex-Googlers, Upstart is an online lending platform that goes beyond the FICO score to finance people based on signals of their potential, including schools attended, area of study, academic performance, and work history. Their proprietary underwriting model identifies high-quality borrowers despite limited credit and employment experience.

    .@Upstart @CFPB No Action Letter on data cited as major step forward for fintech industry #OLPI2017 Retweeted by Upstart

    #OLPI2017 Upstart General Counsel, Alison Nicoll discusses CFPB Project Catalyst and obtaining No Action Letter @#OLPI2017 Summit Retweeted by Upstart

    #MachineLearning is new for regulators, @Upstart is fighting the perception that ML models in lending are riskier #OLPI2017 @CFPB Retweeted by Upstart

    We're excited to announce that @Upstart received the first-ever "No action" letter from @CFPB!

    This @Upstart ad is a great example for how marketers need to stop selling products and start selling experiences. Retweeted by Upstart

    Clever marketing, @Upstart! {I dont need a loan, but I appreciate the chuckle this gave me!} 👍 Retweeted by Upstart

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    Big day at @upstart: $1B in loans to date, ~4X revenue growth since Jan 2017, GAAP profitable. Join us!

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    We're pleased to announce the close of our first loan #securitization with investment-grade rating on senior bonds!🎉

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    The latest #onlinelending securitization is a $163M rated deal from @Upstart, their 1st expected to close this month… Retweeted by Upstart

    @upstart uses machine learning to predict loan defaults, looks @ info like college major and job function. Better than FICO #DigitalBanking Retweeted by Upstart

    Upstart's Head of Business Development @jkeltner at #digitalbanking2017! 🙌 #fintech…

    What makes Upstart different? Why automated loans? You asked, we answered...learn how we do what we do on our Upstart About page!…

    Excited to have Jane Penner from Alibaba/Google join the team as our Head of Communications! Welcome @jcpenner!

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    "The Tesla of Alternative Lending" - good look into how @upstart is using #machinelearning to rethink lending… Retweeted by Upstart

    From CEO @davegirourad: "By the end of the year we expect the majority of our loans to be 100% automated.” #automaticloans #fintech #lending…

    Looking for a new OPS-ortunity? Check out our open positions and apply to join our team! #fintech #startup…

    Did you know: > 25% of Upstart loans are now fully automated! Check out: @Bankinnovation @davegirourad @DinaAsat

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    Upstart is searching for its first Financial Data Engineer! What does this role entail? Check out the opportunity:

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    ICYMI: Check out 12:01! 👂🏻 Learn about 'thin file borrowers' and why @Upstart is unique from our co-founder and Head of Product @paulgu…