SoFi is a leader in marketplace lending and the largest provider of student loan refinancing, with over $3 billion dollars in loans issued.  The Company is transforming financial services for high achieving professionals with student loan refinancing, mortgages, mortgage refinancing, and personal loans.  Unlike traditional lenders, their proprietary underwriting approach takes into account merit and employment history to offer unique credit products members will not find elsewhere. They offer individual and institutional investors the ability to create positive social  impact on the communities they care about while earning compelling rates of return.

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    If you’re paying on a high-interest credit card, that deal might not be real. Coming to newspapers this week:

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    @DaveHorsley804 Hey Dave, we know the factors we consider for an application can be frustrating. The eligibility for a Loan through SoFi depends on a multitude of factors, not only your income. If you would like to learn more you can click here:

    @RyanNegri Ryan - Thanks for the shoutout. SoFi assists applicants with Refinancing Student Loans. If people who are affected would like to apply, we are more than happy to review the application!

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    @darthdude9001 We are bummed to hear your dissatisfaction. We are happy to review your application and rate with you, but this time we are unable to locate your account. Please send us a DM with the e-mail address you used to start your account so we can look into this for you.

    "Someone here will connect you to someone else who may introduce you to your next job. When I'm in line at Starbucks I try to have little conversations because you never know who you might meet." -Leslie Blodgett, Founder of @bareMinerals #SoFiSpeakerSeries

    "It's your responsibility to be interesting. If you go home and watch TV every night instead of reading and putting yourself out there you won't get anywhere." -Leslie Blodgett #SoFiSpeakerSeries

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    "Find love, find passion, the money will follow." -Leslie Blodgett #SoFiSpeakerSeries

    "At the end of the day, we danced together and had a lot of fun." -Leslie Blodgett on developing culture @bareMinerals #SoFiSpeakerSeries

    "People would ask me who my beauty icon is. I would tell them I'm my own beauty icon." -Leslie Blodgett, Founder of @bareMinerals #SoFiSpeakerSeries

    Leslie Blodgett, founder of @bareMinerals takes the stage for a #membersonly Fireside Chat. #WhyISoFi

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    @mycreditwizard Credit - Of course a high-interest rate on credit card debt is a bummer. We agree, finding a lower rate personal loan can help!